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Friday, January 30, 2015

News Review - Cynogen gets investment from Microsoft


Cynogen, known as modified version of Android along with enhance security & performance has a new fan none other than OS Giant Microsoft. It is believed that Microsoft is investing undisclosed to the creators of CynogenMod. From market experts, the rumors are that Cynogen is raising $70 million and Microsoft will be one of the investors primarily aiming to diminish Google’s monopoly over Android.

What does it mean to Cynogen

It the reports are believed to be true, then it will be looked upon as surprise move from Redmond giant who develops its own mobile OS, and has its own range of Mobile phone viz. Lumia range. We believe the intent is pretty well thought – weaken the Google’s mobile arsenal by taking Android away from Google’s control and making it more open i.e. allowing startsup to make their own App-store and not rely just on GooglePlay.

What are the imperatives

 Cyanogen had left no stones unturned to market its mobile OS by striking rich deals with Smartphone makers like Oppo, Micromax,  and OnePlus . However Cynogen was also dragged into controversies between Micromax and OnePlus over the exclusive rights of Cyanogen's OS. As a result of which OnePlus has even unveiled its own version of Android, Oxygen OS.

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