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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Review: Delhi Elections 2015 & 10 Reasons for AAP Victory - Key Insights


This is being coined as Delhi’s best elections by far. AAP founded by Arvind Kerijwal completely sweeped the Assembly elections uprooting Congress completely and making Central Ruling Party to just 3 seats. 

It’s the time to access results into insights & imperatives:

Getting to know about Top 10 Reasons for AAP Victory

1) Well done home-work & preps: Ever since AAP’s chief Kejriwal gave up CM post after 49 days stint, the focus was very clear in terms of preparation. They were the first party which started the declaration of candidates to its manifesto, compared to their BJP and Congress. It was with their Delhi dialogues, AAP leaders and volunteer would connect to common people who turned into prospective voters. 

2) All Apologies: Kejriwal apologized with Delhi citizens for quitting just after 49 days and taking support from Congress. It was viewed as sincere and honest effort from his side. And he further worked on toning down his "anarchist" appearance. He refrained from naming from naming opponents. People perceived it as his humility. 

3) Suits vs Mufflers: One thing that terribly went wrong for BJP is to have PM Modi wear an expensive suit bearing his name which was touted to be debated at media discussions on the funds used to make that suit. On contrary, Arvind Kejriwal with his Cap & Muffler was prototypical to aam aadmi.

4) Muslim Votes Matters: It is rumored that Muslims prodigiously supported the AAP. The Muslim vote was divided between AAP and Congress in last election but this time the swing of Muslims votes to AAP was well expected.

5) Congress's loss & AAP's gain:  AAP has been able to get majority of Congress's votes. Delhi citizens are extremely dissatisfied with Congress rule in Delhi. Hence Congress patron looking for alternate option but not BJP, lead to lot of AAP’s gain.

6) BJP Complacency: One sure thing was BJP had  been complacent about the Delhi assembly polls after 7-0 score line in the Lok Sabha elections. They felt Delhi should be an easy Victory & NaMo factor at its peak, BJP volunteers & leadership team tend to ignore connect with common Delhites. The party was dependent too much on Narendra Modi's USP and Amit Shah's organizing abilities. It was too late for BJP to regroup as the damage was done already by AAP volunteers.

7) Bedi is not Modi: Bedi is a brilliant leader and no body has doubt on her capabilities however the timing was misjudged by BJP. 17 days was just too little for her to connect with common Delhi citizens. Additionally it is to be believed that internal BJP worked not very happy with sudden upliftment of Bedi out of blue. If Bedi was introduced 5-6 months earlier, the verdict would have been very different. 

8) Zilch polarization:  AAP had worked smart to avoid any polarization of voters on religious grounds. It was prompt to reject the offer of support from Jama Masjid's Shahi Imam Bukhari where as BJP on other hand supported home-coming (reconversion to Hinduism) & some their leaders spoke cheaply about producing more babies and all which was truly unacceptable. BJP should know that Delhi has smartest Citizens. A big introspection needed. 

9) Modi Factor: This elections was not about Modi as CM. It is state election after-all. Delhi voters did allude earlier that they would vote for Modi for PM and Kejriwal for CM  This ideology seems to have worked in AAP's favour big time.

10) Anti-incumbency: Anti-incumbency did not work in Delhi for the BJP. A huge learning for BJP

General Observation & Verdict

Great victory for muffler man Arvind. At end common man's verdict is out and each political party need to learn the new way of engaging citizens. 
We shall be sharing the key lessons for Congress and BJP to learn in our consequent post.

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