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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Guide on Quad core & Dual Core Tablets: What should you buy?


Tablets are one of the fastest growing electronic gadgets on planet after mobile phones. They can be perceived as larger cousin of your mobile phone. With calling & video facilities enabled on these tablets makes it an ideal device to replace your bulky laptops and small sized smartphones. It can literally be treated as a clone between your mobile phone and laptop. The decision to buy a new tablet is based on a few simple factors, such as screen size and quality, aesthetics, type of use and lastly the prices. With smarter users & customers another factor to think about is the processor i.e. dual- and quad-core processors based tablets and let’s take a look to see which one is best for you.

Getting to know about Tablets based on their processors

The tablet’s physical dimensions and price are first thing every customer will be interested in. As they say, never judge a book by its cover, same goes for Tablets too. It is very important to know what’s inside the hood on the technical side of your tablet. One element that has become increasingly important is Tablets/Phablets processing power which speaks aloud what it will potentially offer in terms of its performance. That’s where dual core vs. quad core comes in.

Tablets era started with a single-core processor few years back. They had one CPU, or central processing unit. Soon after that the Tablets graduated and manufacturers began to offer devices with dual-core processors, and in current times quad-core processors. In theory, the more processors, the faster, as they can divide up the work you’re asking the Tablet to do.

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Build & Quality – Tablets with dual core vs quad core processor

Let’s look into finer details of these tablets based on their processors and guidance on which one you should be opting for:

a)    A quad-core processor is faster than a single- or dual-core processor only when it’s running an application that’s been built to take advantage of its abilities. Most applications/games are still written for single- or dual-core processing, which means the quad-core’s extra power goes unused.

b)    There is indeed more to a chip than number of cores simply. Some chips are designed with a focus on using less power, which preserves battery life. Some sacrifice speed in favor of increased reliability, while others are designed for speed alone. Others are built to handle specific tasks, like graphics management.
c)    A Tablet with a dual-core processor may perform flawlessly, as it enables you to switch tasks quickly. A classic example would be that one core may be at work on your web browsing while the other is basically just standing by. A call comes in, and the second core gets to work. Both your web browsing and your phone call continue without a hitch.
d)    A quad-core processor allows your Tablet to run the latest, most complex apps, such as a graphics-heavy video game. It can also mean business-oriented functions that require speed perform more smoothly. Video calls have better image clarity and solid audio, and the processor also has the ability to handle other functions in the background.
e)    Memory is also plays a critical role based on your processor—a Tablet that comes with 16 GB or 32 GB of memory is able to store lots of information on board. This means that you can carry lots of apps, documents, graphics, and audio and video files with you all the time, enabling apps to grab data with almost no delay and hence a dual core will have upper edge on quad-core.
f)    RAM – Lastly along with processor, its also the RAM that plays a pivotal role in performance of a Tablet. If you have a Quad Core tablet but just 1 GB RAM, it will not be able to perform well. Quad Core Tablet works best when they are complemented with 2 GB RAM but that would increase the price tag significantly.

General Observation & Verdict

Both Dual & Quad Core based Tablets perform almost similarly. For a normal usage Dual core tablets are best to go with, they are affordable and gives a very decent performance. 
On other hand, if you are a user of heavy graphics & have heavy business applications, then we would suggest you to go for quad-core Tablet for which you will have to pay slightly premium price. At end, it’s your choice that will matter the most. 
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