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Saturday, June 13, 2015

Review: 9 Best Features of iOS 9


One of the most anticipated launch of the year is going to be Apple's iOS 9 for its mobile devices like iPhone & iPad. Apple engineers are believed to have done a major overhaul to the new OS & is expected to take Apple loyalists by a storm. In this post we shall give you a quick summary of what are the top 9 (official) features one can expect from iOS 9.

Getting to know about iOS 9

In iOS9 while some new features are up-gradation of existing apps like Siri, Pass-book, Notes while there are some new features altogether like Gestures, App-thinning technology, Transit etc.

Lets look into its hood for broader overview of these features:


Siri is going to undergo major revamp in iOS9. Its going to be more predictive i.e. it will forecast what you want to know even before asking, a feature similar to Google Now or Cortana.
Siri will display pertinent info based on ones’ location, emails, calendar, search history and habits.


The iOS9 will also showcase Apple's new Flipboard-like personalized news reader called News app aiming to replace Newsstand store.
News will be driven by 20 publishers and 50 titles with visually rich layout of a magazine with the immediacy and customization of digital media as stated by Apple spokesperson.


Public transit information was deficient in Apple Maps so far. Now Transit directions will make it’s debut to the Apple Maps app with iOS9. As a kick-off it will start in 12 cities & will expand to other cities in next few months.


Apple's Wallet is the new app which is a re-modification of its Passbook app. In iOS 9, Wallet will hold securely the information on discover credit cards, loyalty cards & store credit cards in addition to the MasterCard, Visa and American Express cards, Apple Pay.


Turning the keyboard into a trackpad? That’s right, the new iOS9 will introduce gestures for the iPad by using two fingers to select text and move the cursor like a mouse.


With the new iOS9, iPad users will be able to run two apps at the same time on the same screen via a split-screen function. It will also include new app switcher, picture-in-picture video and keyboard shortcuts enabling word-processing much easier.


The new Notes app will now let you drop in photos, draw sketches, maps & links and add items from other apps.
You could also now create an instant checklists and take photos from within the app.


Expect an hour more battery life every day with new iOS9 by virtue of adding a low-power mode to squeeze out three extra hours by App-Thinning mechanism.


iOS9 is compatible with all iPhone 4S and above models. This is a significant move as the penetration of this OS will be widely felt. This also exempts existing iPhone/iPad users from upgrading their phone by simply free upgrade of OS.

General Observation & Verdict

iOS 9 is definitely aimed to take on Android & Windows 10. Apple OS is well regarded in the market for very stable & subtle operating system which hardly crashes compared to Android & Windows. The display & sound quality is simply incredible in all iOS devices.

Stay tuned to RT for upcoming reviews on Apple Devices.

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