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Friday, July 29, 2016

10 Reasons to update to iOS 10 Beta on your iPhone/ iPad without Jailbreaking


iOS 10 will be releasing this fall. This does not mean you cannot have your hands on it early. The beta 2 release is out and is quite promising. We have updated 3 devices to iOS 10 and using it for a week now. 5S and iPad mini 4 were running smoothly without any evident bugs. In 5C,  8GB variant, we ran of storage and there was  slight lag while hovering over to the notifications section.

Nonetheless iOS 10 Beta is something worth trying. iOS 10 has a big visual design change as compared to earlier releases.

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Build & Quality:

1. Apple says they have “redesigned the experience of the lock screen". This a single biggest design change we have seen to the notifications and lock screen.

2. The widgets now appear on the lock screen as cards. You can tap on the widget to open it. iPhone 6s and 6s plus have 3D touch options now.

3. The notification screen just like the lock-screen has a light crisp feel. You can feel the notifications floating rather than it being published on the wall.

4. The Photos app has an overhaul with a Memories section which picks the best of your clicks.

5. The much needed upgrade is in the mail app. The mail's default mode is now oldest on top. Mail chains are easy to handle with mails not merging and cramping. The mail appears as cards and looks quite sleek. You can just swipe each reply to the left to archive it.

6. The clock has a new feature which alerts you when its time for you to sleep and wake up. It monitors your sleep pattern and provides you with analysis.

7. You can just let your feeling show just by tapping back message with the feelings responses. You can send messages in your handwriting and this would not appear as an image to your friend. It would rather animate how you write it on your paper.

8. Tired of looking for an emoji. Just type in the emoji and tap to send it.

9. The music app is redefined and has a quite a fresh and light feel.

10. iOS 10 beta 2 is released for download. This means iOS 10 beta 2 is a version or two behind the main iOS 10 release. This OS is stable and no bugs encountered in this release so far in 5S and iPad Mini 4.

General Observation & Verdict:

iOS 10 is a refreshing OS  and people would love it. Apart from above listed key highlights, there are two underrated features which may turn major USP of iOS 10.

a) Unsecured Wi-Fi Network Warning-

b) Wet Lightning Cable Charger Warning-

To install iOS 10 beta use the link below:

Still not convinced ? Look out for our short videos on the features soon.

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