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Friday, September 16, 2016

Samsung Galaxy S8: Explained in 10 Key Points

Samsung Galaxy S8 is going to be one of 2017's biggest smartphone launches. Also, Samsung may unviel the Galaxy S8 sooner than expected, to help recuperate losses caused by the recent Galaxy Note 7 recall. With Apple launching its iPhone 7 & 7 Plus, Samsung is further pressurized to regain market lost share with recent events.

Nevertheless, we're a still sometime away from the Galaxy S8 release, so the phone remains a relative mystery for now however here's top 10 things you should know about Samsung's next flagship smartphone the Galaxy S8. 

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10 Key Things To Know

1) Release Date: The Galaxy S8 release date is likely to be in either March or April 2017, based on recent history

2) Display Size: Galaxy S8 will potentially sport a 5.1-inch display, and the Galaxy S8 Edge may feature a 5.5-inch screen which will let Samsung to compete with Apple’s 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch iPhone

3) 4-K Display: S8 may also feature qHD 4K screen to boost its VR market by selling Gear VR headsets which will look twice good on these screens

4) New 10nm processor:  Galaxy S8 will use both Samsung (Exynos 8895) and Qualcomm (Snapdragon 830 ) processor built on 10 nm chips alluding the new chips will be more powerful and less power-hungry

5) Nvidia GPU: Samsung may be including Nvidia or AMD to give Galaxy smartphones a leg up in the graphics department

6) Super-fast modem: The phone is also expected to install Snapdragon X16 which is Qualcomm’s latest modem built on a 14nm manufacturing process, and supports “fibre-like” LTE Cat. 16 download speed -that means a 4K movie – estimated at 100GB average file size – could be downloaded in just over 13 minutes

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7) USB-C: Galaxy S8 is expected to debut USB Type-C which will eventually replace the Micro USB ports that you’ll find on the majority of smartphones today. USB-C is also capable of supplying much more power (up to 100W) compared to a conventional USB 2.0 connection (2.5W)

8) Camera: Galaxy S8 will tout a very similar camera module to the Galaxy S7 i.e 12-megapixel sensor Dual Pixel technology however will include dual-lens camera module

9) Battery & Waterproofing: 3,600mAh in all likelihood but there will a lot of battery savings due to improved chips & design. Galaxy S8 will also follow suit with an IP68-certified body to make it more water resistant

10) OS: Samsung’s Galaxy S8 will probably launch much ahead of the next version of Android – Android O. Hence it should potentially arrive with Android N on board

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