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Monday, December 19, 2016

'Jarvis' Software Butler by Zuckerberg - Decoded


Founder of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg had earlier revolutionized social media and is now taking artificial intelligence domain by storm with his new – AI instilled software "butler" - named Jarvis. The AI Software is now in service, and even plays with his family.

10 Key Things to Know About Jarvis 

a) This is Mark’s personal project for which he had devoted about 100 hours to build this system.

b) Jarvis is inspired by the "Iron Man" film character Jarvis as a virtual assistant to help manage the household.

c) Jarvis is not a physical robot, but an App which Mark Zuckerberg is able to access through his phone or computer to control lights, temperature, music, security, appliances and more.

d) Since this is an AI Smart App, hence the software learns Mark’s tastes and patterns, as well as new words or concepts, and can even entertain his one-year-old daughter.

e) Natural language processing & facial recognition capabilities were built into Jarvis, enabling it to understand spoken or texted commands and recognize who is issuing them.

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f) The AI software can determine when a guest at the door is expected and let them into the home, while notifying the family that someone has arrived.

g) Mark plans to text his Jarvis using a 'bot' he’d built for the Facebook Messenger service instead of speaking to it, mostly not to disturb people around him.

h) Future plan for Mark is to explore teaching Jarvis how to learn new skills itself rather than him having to teach it how to perform specific tasks.

i) AI is getting a lot of traction in people's homes, with devices such as Amazon Echo and Google Home speakers which links to personal assistants to answer questions and control connected devices.

j) AI technology would improve greatly in the coming five to 10 years.

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