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Friday, January 6, 2017

Quick Guide to SBI Pay - A UPI App from SBI #DIY


The official UPI App from State Bank of India (SBI) is called SBI Pay. The SBI UPI app enables users of SBI to make easy online/ mobile based payments using Virtual Payment Address (VPA) Pay & collect.

Download SBI Pay – SBI’s UPI App

The SBI UPI app can be directly downloaded and installed from the Google App Store.

1) At first, the users of the SBI Pay UPI app should have SBI Online Banking enabled and will require SBI Pay – UPI App Registration.

2) Click on the App Icon to launch this application and complete the registration process. 
SBI Pay UPI App Registration message

3) Accept the message to send the message and register the App with SBI.

Virtual Payment Address (VPA) Registration

4) Create the Virtual Payment Address to complete the registration of this app. The VPA must be unique and ff an VPA is not available, try another address.
VPA – Virtual Payment Address Registration on the SBI UPI Payment App

5) The user must fill in the form completely which includes the name, email address, security question-answer and option to choose the bank account. Click on the checkbox of terms and condition and finally Submit the form to complete the registration process.

6) Once logged in, the app opens as in the below screenshot.

SBI Pay UPI App – After logging in

Set MPIN to enable UPI Payments on SBI Pay App

SBI Pay UPI App – Account Management
7) To make a payment, users require a MPIN. MPIN can be created by verifying the SBI debit card details.
8) Go to the account management page, and select the desired account. Click on Set MPIN.
9) Give the last 6 digits of SBI debit card and its expiry date.
10) You would get an OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter this OTP into the given box.
11) Input your desired MPIN. With this, the MPIN is successfully created for the SBI Pay UPI app for making payments.

 Transfer Money with SBI Pay – UPI App

SBI Pay UPI App – Virtual Address

Transferring money from the bank account using the SBI Pay UPI app is easy.
  1.       Open SBI Pay by entering 6 digit password that was set at the time of SBI pay registration.
  2.       Select the ‘Pay’ option
  3.       Select account from the drop-down list.
  4.       Select the payee address type. It can be a VPA or bank account number. For bank account, one must have the bank account number and IFSC code
  5.       Input the VPA of a payee. It should show the payee name automatically thereby verifying the VPA.
  6.       Enter useful remarks and the payment amount and Click on ‘Pay’
  7.       Enter the MPIN to authenticate the money transfer.

Collect Money with the SBI Pay – UPI App

  1. Login into the SBI UPI app
  2. Select ‘Collect’ option
  3. Enter the VPA of the person from whom you want to collect the payment. The app should automatically show the name. Enter the remarks and amount.
  4. You can also choose the expiry days or minutes if required.
  5. Select on ‘Initiate request’.
  6. You would get a confirmation of the collect request.

 More screenshots from SBI UPI App – SBI Pay

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