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Friday, October 24, 2014

Review: "Xubuntu 14.10" Release - A very light weight LINUX OS


Xubuntu 14.10 also known as Utopic Unicorn is a Linux distribution built on underlying framework of Ubuntu 14.10 uses the Xfce desktop environment. It's one of the lightest tangs of Ubuntu and its credit goes to the DE which is really quick and intuitive. It is one of the rare modern day OS which runs on old hardware like Celeron M, with nominal configurations like 512 MB RAM & 6 GB hard-disc space. It offers latest features without being heavy on your machine. Best of all, since this is open source OS, its comes for free.

Getting to know more about  Xubuntu 14.10 (Utopic Unicorn) 

For most of you who are avid lovers of open source Linux OS, and use Xubuntu will reckon that earlier releases were mostly subtle but this time the developers did a really good job of making starling modifications & improvements and one of which is the duration of the support of this distribution.
The Sleek Desktop Interface

Build & Features

This new version is not very different from its predecessor. Let us present you the 10 features of this release:

1. The default theme of this release is PINK, primarily intended to align to its codemname “Utopic Unicorn". Some of the users may not like the color scheme can change it by using theme configuration application i.e. gtk-theme-config under Settings Manager where one can turn off the Custom Highlight Colors
The subtle Login-interface
2. Another feature in this release is that now instead of using gksudo for running graphical applications, you should be able to use pkexec with root access from the terminal which is meant for improved security.
3. A new and shiny Xfce Power Manager plugin has been introduced & now added to the main panel. The power manager can now control the keyboard-backlight, battery’s status, other connected devices with batteries and controls the display’s backlight brightness. That is truly amazing
The PINK Theme of Utopic Unicorn
4. Inxi, a tool to gather system information, is now included. The code for using same is inxi -<color> -<option>
5. The display dialog has been revamped which allows users to play around with multiple displays and can now be easily arranged by drag and drop
6. All the themes now support Gtk3.12
The refreshing Menu of 14.10
7. The alt-tab dialog can now be clicked with the mouse to select a window, which is smart move
8. This release has set desktop icon size to 48px & tooltip size to 64px
9. There is also an updated panel layout for login screen
10. XChat has been eliminated from this release

The entire release notes can read here

General Observation & Verdict

While we shall be providing you the detailed review of the OS once we have installed in our year 2004 laptop, from the release it seems that Xubuntu is getting better each time. 
Stay tuned for more reviews & please drop us your feedback.

You can download the copy of Xubuntu 14.10 distro here

If you are a Ubuntu fan, you can also download latest distro from widget below:

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