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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Review: 5 Best Bluetooth speakers for Christmas under Rs 5000 or $80


Looking for a new Bluetooth Speakers this Christmas? We believe this post will help you decide which one you should be opting and why. For everybody's ease, we will focus on budget/affordable speakers falling under Rs. 5,000 or $80. These BlueTooth speakers are easy to use, provides distortion free sounds and are extremely portable, which means you can carry them anywhere and work seamlessly even in noisy environment.

Getting to know about Bluetooth Speakers

For our readers, we are presenting 5 best-selling Bluetooth speakers from house of Creative, Logitech, JBL, Portronics & STK. These mostly vary in prices based on their features & output.

1) JBL Flip 2 Bluetooth Speakers (Price  4, 950 or $80)
JBL Flip 2
JBL is known for its quality and hence it tops our chart. The Flip 2 Bluetooth speaker is a portable speaker for mobile phone and comes with a inbuilt microphone for calls which allows you to answer calls on the speaker itself while you are listening to music on it. The speaker sports a Li-ion rechargeable battery offering up to 5 hours of play back time which is really impressive. The sound quality is finest amongst all and is equipped with SoundClear® echo, smart noise cancellation and a state-of-the-art microphone system. The Sound output is about 86 dB.

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2) Logitech Mini BoomBox (Price 3, 999 or $66)

Mini BoomBox
After JBL, it’s the Logitech which stands tall at 2nd position in India and is treated as one of the best Bluetooth speakers you can find in the market. The device sports a red indication lights on the upper panel providing directions. The volume and songs can be controlled from speakers itself. It is an in-wall speaker system giving you tweeter support. The size may look annoying before hearing it, but the dual drivers of the Mini Boombox pack quite a kick. Speaker of this size is susceptible to distortion at high volumes, but the system still performs quite well, and pumps out more volume than you'd expect upon first glance. The sound output is about 75 dB.
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3) Creative D100 Speaker (Price  3, 670 or $60)

Creative D100
Third on our chart is portable speaker from house of Creative called D100 which comes with a Bluetooth sharing button on the front with the volume controls and the power button for the easy access. It sports a Bluetooth 2.1 and is complemented by a two channel speaker on the front offering you quartz clear sound. The D100 is powered by AAA size batteries good enough for super impressive 25 hours of music play back. We believe that’s a lot. From a range of up to 10 meters from the Creative D100 portable Bluetooth speaker, wirelessly stream music from any compatible stereo Bluetooth device such as your mobile phone, notebook, iPhone.

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4) STK Bluetooth Stereo Speaker SMC 970 (Price  2,695 or $45)

STK is one of the unique Bluetooth speaker as it tops the chart when you want to enjoy music in crowded places. Speaker is comes with a sleek round design, powered by a 500mAh battery, rechargeable via micro  USB that can work upto 5 hours playtime with 2 hours to fully recharge. The multipoint feature allows two devices to be paired at the same time and it is possible to easily switch between the music on each phone. The built-in microphone allows the speaker to be used to make and receive calls via a Bluetooth enabled mobile phone at the press of one button. The sound output is about 75dB

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5) Portronics Pure Sound Bluetooth Speaker (Price   2,200 or $36)

Pure Sound
The most affordable Bluetooth Speaker comes from India based Portronics which has launched a portable Bluetooth speaker called the Pure Sound BT and can connect to any phone that supports Bluetooth. This portable speaker comes with a micro SD card and a USB slot to play the music . The speaker is powered by a 1080 mAh battery offers up to 9 to 10 hours of music time with a single charge. If your device does not support Bluetooth; Pure Sound BT will work by connecting through an Aux cable to the Mobile Phone or any device.

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