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Monday, November 17, 2014

Review: Prynt - Print your photos on the go


Who wondered almost 2 decades ago that a normal PSTN phone will become mobile and will come with special features like Camera for clicking still pictures & making videos. Today’s era is called ‘selfies revolution' with high end camera based phones in market. How about going an extra mile and print them out as well without connecting them to heavy printers & on the go? Well, looks like a Polaroid for mobile? You are right. You can do it with a device called Prynt.

Prynt Printing Case

Getting to know about Prynt

Prynt, a new Polaroid case designed for Android/ iPhone handsets, which is equipped with a compact printer that remind you of a point-and-shoot camera. Prynt can help you print photos from your Facebook, smartphone gallery, Snapchat and Instagram etc that to in 50 secs.

Shades of Prynt

Build & Quality

This device is Bluetooth or WiFi agnostic, which means you can connect your handset to the USB plug-in slot of the Polaroid case. At the moment, only one sheet of paper can fit in the case that takes around 50 seconds to print a single photo. Its developers are also trying to make the Prynt device more resourceful, by aiding it to hold around 30 sheets of heat-activated ink-paper.
When you snap a picture with the Prynt app, it captures a video of the moments before and after you took the picture. You’ll get your print-out, but showing that picture to the Prynt app will also bring up the short video, allowing you to better re-live the moment. Now that is really cool.

Pryant will be compatible with any smartphone that sports a 4.x-inch screen and there is an adaptor in the works for the bigger phones like the Apple’s  iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note series.

General Observation & Verdict

Prynt is expected to launch in January 2015 and it will be the only time we can really get our hands dirty on it. We think it’s a cool invention however couple of early thoughts, - how costly will be its cartridge, which paper will be compatible to print photos on, how much will it impact on the power source etc. RT will be keeping a close watch on this gadget.

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