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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Review: Active Fall Protection System from Apple


Apple is one company that believes in re-inventing itself with amazing products. Be it their MAC computers, iPODs, iPAD or iPhone, people around the world love Apple products. To add another feather to its bag, Apple is coming with a patented technology (Active Fall Protection) that help phone to rotate in mid-air when falling to save itself from damage. Looks like a SciFi thing but it is true.

Courtesy - UPSTO

Getting to know about “Active Fall Protection Technology”

Now how does this technology really works – at a broad level in layman’s language  the new system will recognize when a phone is dropped, which will then next calculate an estimated point of impact and shift its center of gravity to avoid striking sensitive components. Its developers  Nicholas V. King and Fletcher Rothkopf stated the system will depend on sensors to monitor physical device activity and positioning.

Build & Quality

As we all know all the latest iPad/iPhone models comes with inbuilt accelerometers, gyroscopes and GPS which so far were just used for gaming, & maps however now will be used extensively to save the phone.
The data from these sensors will go to phone’s CPU (central processing unit) while the phone is in free fall. System comes with a motor which in the next step shall apply appropriate force (Depending on the rate of spin, angular velocity, time to impact and other factors, the vibration motor may be powered at higher rotational speeds than normal, effectively controlling momentum and ultimately landing angle) inside the phone and make it to land on a preferred site, such as its side or back.
                                                          Courtesy - AppleInsider

The systems also comes with other components like sliding weights and miniature gas canisters and that move internally to save the phone from damage.

General Observation & Verdict

This new technology will surely bring paradigm shift in saving our portable electronics devices in future and for now since iPhones come at a premium price, it is going to be a smart move by Apple to bring this technology to its new phones soon aiming to increase span life of the phone.

Read Detailed Technical Description here

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