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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Review: WorkMail from Amazon


AWS Inc which is world’s largest internet based retailer also known for owning some cutting edge 40 subsidiaries, including Zappos,, Kiva Systems, Goodreads, Teachstreet, and IMDB along with their product line called Kindle has now ventured into Corporate Email solutions to take on biggies like Microsoft & Google etc. The service has been christened as WorkMail which was developed in house by AWS (Amazon Web Services) team which is cloud computing arm of Amazon. The aim of this service is to take enterprise cloud based email & scheduling services to its clients.

Getting to know about WorkMail

Currently Google’s Gmail is known for offerings beyond just email & calendars – viz. Video conferencing & file sharing tools etc. Amazon has planned to move on the same line but on cloud based solutions which will have amazing security feature, easy usability and will cater to changing needs of the clients. AWS has invested a lot time and money towards building larger portfolio of Amazon tools to gain corporate clients specially startups who do not want to invest on large datacenters & security.

Key Benefits

Build & Quality

Let us know understand what WorkMail has to offer over other Enterprise solutions:

1) The WorkMail will support all popular email providers and for which Amazon will be charging a very basic fee of $4 a month per account.

2) In this plan, the user will get 50 GB email storage

3) There will be additional fearures like shared inboxes & shared calendars

4) Major USP of WorkMail is the privacy feature based on complex encryption, mobile device management with remote wiping feature

5) WorkMail will also let users decide whether they want to store their data

6) The company wants to focus on high speed , secured backend exchange of digital communications, than putting energies on the consumer-facing interface

Screenshot - WorkMail

A preview of Amazon WorkMail is now available in only select regions. The full-fledged version is expected to release in Q2 this year.

General Observation & Verdict

WorkMail is definitely a new innovation from house of Amazon. It will be interesting to see the penetration based on its performance in next few months. Both Exchange & Google based email solutions are well established. If Amazon can bring value & security as nominal price it would definitely dent client base of Microsoft & Google.

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