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Monday, March 30, 2015

A Guide to buy right Head-Phones


In modern era of Gadgets - especially with Tablets & Smart phones / Notebooks, they are half incomplete if they are not complemented by a decent Headphones/ Headphone with Mic. No matter what your budget is, everybody wants their listening experience - especially the quality of sound to be optimally best. For music lovers, headphones are inevitable as people tend to spend more of their lives on the go. The other true benefits of Headsphone with Mic is that you can chat with your friends, without actually holding your gadgets in your hands and talk/listen while you are mobile without disturbing others, whether they're roommates, neighbors, or fellow commuters. Head-phones with mic are great multi-taskers in today's time.

Getting to know about modern day Headphones (with Mic)

Most of the customers/buyers in South Asia especially in India , considers buying of a new smartphone/ tablet or notebook as an investment with an estimated lifespan of around three years, yet the question always strikes  which are the cheapest pair of headphones I can buy?
If you have soon-to-be-obsolete tablet, phone, or MP3 player, you can bring new lease of life to it for as low Rs 300 and can go up Rs 10,000 (in case you have a wider budget) by getting a high-quality pair of headphones and really begin to enjoy all the sweet-sounding audio.

Types & Build of Various Headphones (with Mic)

Ear-Buds - these are very popular, inexpensive source of sound accessory for your gadgets. Earbuds are not an ideal listening option, since they don't enter your ear canal and as a result don't create a true seal that destroys the balance of the audio mix— solid bass response is purely eliminated. If you are really pressed for budget, you can get one of these.

Earphone - They sit further in your ear canal resulting into a seal, providing comfort when worn. They are much better than Ear-buds in terms of sound quality. However for Bass lovers a reasonable quality starts to emerge in the Rs 1500 range. There are few models from Skullcandy which are good.

Headphones -These are over-the-head (or behind-the-head) speakers that don't enter your ear canals at all. Circumaural models create a seal with cups that surround/cover your entire ear, whereas open, or supra-aural headphones sit directly on your ears without forming a seal. Some listeners also find headphones more comfortable to wear, and easier to put on and take off, than they do earphones. When it comes to consumer headphones, several companies stand out, including Sennheiser, Yamaha, Beyerdynamic, and Grado.

Noise-Canceling Headphones - As the name sugests, the noise-canceling headphones helps you enjoy  audio at much lower volumes. Most of these head-phones offers good or better-than-good sound quality and excellent comfort for long-term wearing.
Some of these Headphone comes with mic and offer extremely good quality call sound. Plantronics offer such headphones which are Lync & Skype compatible that offers both noise cancellation features in mic as well as headset. These headphones from Plantronics usually starts at a range of Rs 8,000.

Wireless Headphones - Wireless headphones are the most advanced of all head-phones. They are mostly based on Bluetooth technology and  the data signal containing Bluetooth audio is compressed. Post which the enhancement of the signal takes place to compensate for its deficiencies in a way that makes them less audible than before.
Few famous wireless headphones are from house of Jabra called Move Wireless and the SuperTooth Freedom, both of which double as headsets to let you answer cell phone calls.

General Observation & Verdict

Selecting a right head-phone (with or without mic) is no less than an art. While we have explained some bit of science also behind different kinds of head-phones, at the end there will be factors like price, usability & quality which will decide what you really need & desire.

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