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Monday, March 30, 2015

Review: Xiaomi Collection Center Special


Xiaomi is 3rd largest distributor of smartphones in the world and is known for affordable & high quality consumer electronics products. In fact we have reviewed several of their gadgets in the past & one thing which clearly stood out was value for money. In 2014 and 2015 the company has launched some of the amazing smartphones, bands, power-banks, routers, led lamps etc. While Xiaomi has left no stones unturned to build it distributor & consumer base around the globe – one of the clear focus is to tap in online partners to promote their latest products in the key emerging market markets. In India, they have exclusively tied up with e-retailers such as Flipkart & Snapdeal to sell their products which turned out to be a huge success, the electronics giant has tied up with Gearbest in the US to reach out to millions of potential customers.

Getting to know about Xiaomi Collection Center

Xiaomi has tied up exclusively with Gearbest to offer some of the latest state of art electronics products including latest smartphones, power banks, routers etc. at hugely discounted price. The sheer varieties offered on this exclusive collection will give the end customers  ample choices which suits their pockets and need. And lastly the free shopping offered anywhere in the world by Gearbest adds cherry on the pie.

Deals available on Xiaomi Collection Center

Let us look what is available for you and us before the stocks lasts:

MI POWER BANKS & BATTERIES – You have multiple options to select from if you are in dire need of power bank (especially if you are avid traveller). A 10400 mAh power bank is available for as low as $20.04 (Rs 1300) and high end 16000 mAh is available for $29.08 (Rs 1800)

MI HOME AUTOMATION – There are variety of home electronics products like WiFi Routers starting at $3, WiFi camera for $37.08 & XiaoMi TV Box 4K Dual Band WiFi for $73.71 and XiaoMi TV Box 4K Dual Band WiFi just for $5.28

MI PHONES – As alluded earlier, Xiaomi is widely known for its smartphones. The collection center on Gearbest has latest smartphones like XIAOMI NOTE 4G available for just $527.60 & the most affordable one XIAOMI Redmi 2 which is available under $150. There are other models available as well, based on your budget.

MI HEADPHONES – This is an upcoming & popular offering from Xiaomi. MI headphones are gaining a lot of popularity around the globe. The headphones are available for as low as $7.53 (Rs 480) and can go upto $19.98 (Rs 1200).


General Observation & Verdict

Xiaomi Collection Center has great deals on offer. If you are a smart customer, you will not miss a chance to grab some of these incredible deals. You may refer to our reviews of various Xiaomi products in our smartphone & gadgets section. 
For other reviews, stay tuned to RT.

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