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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

Google Home Speaker (India Edition) - 10 Key Things To Know

Google has finally revealed its smart speakers in India and will be available exclusively on Flipkart. Google Home costs Rs 9,999 while the Google Home Mini is priced at Rs 4,499. The AI-enabled smart Google speaker will take directly on Amazon’s Echo range currently getting popular in India. Let’s discuss key things about this new product and if it makes sense to invest in this gadget.

Know 10 Key Things About Google Home Speakers

1. Google Home comes with a power adapter and weighs about 477 grams. The speaker stands tall at 142.8 mm and 96.4 mm in diameter.

2. The speaker comes in white color base slate fabric, which can be changed in different colors.

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3. The speaker supports iOS (9.1 and higher) and Android (5.0 and higher) operating systems.

4. Like it’s rival Echo, the new Google Home is a voice-enabled speaker and relies completely on Google Assistant.

5. Device can be turned on by saying “Hey Google” or “Ok Google” before giving a command and the Assistant springs into action.

6. Google Home does not comes with an inbuilt battery and hence it relies on a power socket. 
Wi-Fi connectivity is a must to run Google Home.

7. Google Home allows you to play music and it understands Indian accent very accurately. It can play from various sources including Google Play and third-party apps like Gaana, Saavan etc.

8. Google Home also aims to make your home smarter as long as you have smart lights.

9. The other options includes smart Navigation: Get traffic alerts, routes etc with a commands and to update any errands or Things-to-Do.

10. But not the least, it can perform whatever Echo is capable of doing and not limited to playing Youtube Videos, telling you a funny joke or new briefings etc.

Final Observations & Verdict

Both Echo and Google Home are welcome addition to AI enabled gadgets category and are very similar products. The advantage with Google Home is that you can sync all your devices as long as you are on Android ecosystem something which Amazon fails to struggle at this stage. However, Echo is a more matured device with huge capabilities while Google home is still at nascent stage.

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